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What Does It Mean To Have A Christian Business? - 2/12/14 - By Chris McKinney - At one of my previous jobs, there was a running joke in the office that said, “If you see the Jesus fish on your contractor’s business card, turn around and run!” The idea was that unscrupulous individuals operating in the Bible belt would put the fish symbol on their cards to help sell everyone on the idea that they were trustworthy.

Should We Keep Our Good Deeds Secret, Or Let Our Light Shine? - 2/26/14 - By Chris McKinney - Should Christians be like Paul Walker and keep our good deeds totally under wraps? Or, should we follow the example of Chick-fil-A owners, letting our faith and good deeds be made known, but not announcing it with trumpets?

Why Do We Accept Human Authority, But Struggle With Divine Authority? - 6/4/2015 - By Chris McKinney - Somehow we miss the sovereign authority and importance of the one who created the universe and owns everything in existence. We too often come to him demanding answers, as though we are in any position to demand anything from him. It’s a bit crazy, really. That’s why he tells us that we will never find him through human wisdom. Our wisdom would never get us even close to understanding him. So, we have to come with the humility and the faith of a little child. Otherwise, the relationship cannot work.

What Is The Gospel Of Jesus Christ? - 7/24/2015 - By Chris McKinney - Ask yourself this question. Don’t you feel pretty certain that your physical body will one day die? Isn’t the risk of what comes after physical death the biggest risk we all face? We know that we will die. We cannot see clearly what comes after that. Yet, we have these testimonies and (claimed) revelations from God that everyone who ever existed will meet one of two fates. One is wonderful beyond comprehension. One is terrible beyond comprehension. Doesn’t it make sense to spend as much time and effort as possible trying to mitigate that risk?

How Do We Know We Are Saved? - 7/6/2016 - By Chris McKinney - Are you saved because you prayed a prayer at church when you were a little child? The Bible never teaches us to go to church and pray a prayer in order to be saved.