The Benefits of Managing Your Own Investments

This article highlights advantages to building and managing your own portfolio, such as retaining control over any moral screening, applying fundamental wisdom and due diligence toward investments, and avoiding fees.

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Letter Writing Guide

This article is designed to guide individual investors who would like to take an active approach toward influencing, in a positive way, the managers of the companies in which they invest.

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Moral Screening for Investments (Part 2)

To me, these scriptures indicate that what’s in our heart will factor into where our money gets invested. If I know that a company has a track record of being seriously unfair, dishonest, or otherwise immoral, and my conscience tells me to avoid the investment, I should do just that. I should not allow greed to get in the way of doing what I believe to be right. We may therefore conclude that it is proper, wise, and beneficial for Christians to employ a reasonable moral screen when investing in the equity of publicly traded companies.

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The True Cost of Mutual Fund Fees

Over a 30 year period, mutual fund and other fees and expenses can easily erase half of the ending value of your portfolio. It pays in a major way to avoid fees whenever possible.

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Moral Screening for Investments (Part 1)

Throughout the Bible, God appears to be very concerned with the “least among us” and how they are treated by those with wealth and influence. Clearly, Christians are expected to maintain high standards in conducting their business. But do these instructions apply to investing in publicly traded companies, where the individual investor has no direct control over how the company is managed?

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