I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Gives Me Strength

Hi Everyone,

I woke up this morning feeling depressed. I did not go to bed that way. I went to bed thankful and full of joy. I had a very good evening and night, last night. But this morning, I felt depressed without even being fully conscious of why. The more I woke up and let my thoughts wander, the more I realized that I was feeling like God had let me down again. I was feeling like we had pretty much reached more "deadlines" (e.g. BTU and EXXI) and that he had not yet moved.

I have thought about this day a good bit over the last several months. I have thought about what I would say or do or write, if and when God let the situation get to a point like today. Would I write a post titled, "Though he slay me, yet will I trust him"? Would I write one entitled "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil"? I didn't know. I don't normally plan in advance what I'm going to say. I try to just let the Lord lead me each time I write. Coincidentally, I did pray the last part of the 23rd Psalm back to the Lord shortly after seeing the news about Peabody this morning.

But the scripture he gave to me after reading the news wasn't any of those. Instead, he gave me Philippians 4:13, which says:

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." - Philippians 4:13, BSB

Okay, I can. It's true. I can do this.

I don't understand why the Lord has led me down this path. I don't understand why he has allowed these things to happen. Why did he tell me to buy 4 different coal stocks and then have 3 of them file for bankruptcy protection? I don't know the answer to that. Why did he make it clear to me that most people who invest via financial markets are putting their trust in idols? Why did he pit me against many of those poor souls who have unwittingly become idol makers/worshipers, and then allow what looks right now like a clear victory for the idols? I don't know.

Why has he allowed this all at the exact time when my family's personal financial situation has rapidly gone from terrible to completely hopeless? Why has he done all of that, in spite of the fact that we have obeyed his directives in all of these areas? I don't know the answer to these questions.

But I love him anyway. He is good and he is worthy of all of my praise. And I trust him. He has my complete and total trust today, because that is what he deserves. He deserves for me to trust him. He has earned it. He has earned my trust by simply being who he is. Lord Jesus, I trust you today!

I praise you with my whole heart, and I thank you for all you have done for me!

In Christ's Name,

Chris McKinney


Portfolio 4-13-16 1


Portfolio 4-13-16 2


  • Valuecat

    don’t blame the Lord!

  • rsinj

    you were the bozo who decided to buy these coal stocks. you said “Either way, I decided to share my rather simple approach to making money on coal stocks, and would invite readers to explain why I am wrong.” – obviously “YOUR” simple approach to making money on coal stocks was garbage. and note – God did not tell you to invest in coal stocks, you did it entirely on your own. again, it was not God’s simple approach, it was your simple approach. hope and faith have no place in investing, yet somehow you have used it as justification to not take responsibility for your own decisions and actions.

    “In the beginning, my Christian faith and my human wisdom seemed to be working together. This enabled me to write articles which appealed to a broader audience such as the one on Seeking Alpha. Now, my investment decisions are purely driven by faith.”


    Considering the massive losses shown in the portfolio above, obviously your human wisdom stinks. If your investment decisions going forward are purely driven by faith, you will lose everything. I have never heard anything so absolutely foolish in my entire life.

    If you had really seen the light, you would sell what’s left in the portfolio, take your tax writeoff – which will certainly be done over a number years, close the brokerage account, and never buy another stock again.

    “So, risk management is incredibly important”

    Your words – and yet you threw risk management out the window making highly concentrated bets in a single high risk sector.
    I read your profile and how you were in the investment industry – I guess that even with all the experience/learning/training, you decided that it applied only to what you do at work, but not in practice for yourself.

    And let’s not forget that the portfolio above does not include your disaster call on LF when it was at $6 – how much of a bath did your portfolio take on that? It was over $10k.

    Again – sell what remains, close the account, and stop gambling. Having read up on your background, I believe it’s an addiction for you – you may need to get some professional help. It is clear that God does not have the power to save you from yourself in this regard.

  • Redwan

    Just get into a low cost index fund like VOO and maybe some BND as well.

  • ruddy

    Sorry for you my man. Just heard about EXXI going bankrupt. Hope you got out.

  • rsinj

    Those are some impressive returns for 2015 and YTD 2016.

    • The returns are not risk free. They require risk tolerance, and capital.

      • rsinj

        of course…as do all investments.

        still impressive in my eyes.

        • Thanks. If you want to invest a min of $100k email: contact@whitegemcapital.com

          • rsinj

            thanks – I reviewed your site and saw that.

            I manage my own investments and portfolio, but will keep it in mind for future reference.

  • ThePrudentInvestor

    Yikes! Is it legal for an investment firm to solicit and discuss performance in the comment section of an online post??? I suppose the recent relaxation of hedge fund advertising and marketing might allow for it, but it still feels pretty generic to pitch unsuspecting investors in the comment section of an online forum. But considering the monstrous 2 and 20 fees of hedge funds it’s worth it to you folks to fish. Invest in a low cost porfolio of index funds and do whatever it takes to sit still and not mess with it. Actively managed funds largely lag their respective indexes, but hedge fund performance is even worse. Buyer beware on this one!

    • Yes it is totally legal. It opens a dialogue with prospective investors.

      Most funds don’t do advertising b/c they aren’t looking for new money.

      Of course when you are extremely risk adverse and close minded as ThePrudentInvestor and expect to get 2% for the next 10 years investing the $SPY or any major ETF, and more realistically worse on a REAL (inflation adjusted) rate of return.


      I can’t speak for the industry as a whole, but our returns are outstanding, and with a current CALMAR of 5+, I dare you to find a better one.


      We accept accredited investors, and I came here because I saw this post on twitter. It pains me to see retail investors try to compete, and who have been forced into the market because of NIRP and ZIRP policies, and don’t let a professional manage their money to try to achieve a better return.

      WGC suggests diversification, and by no means do you need to stick all your eggs in one basket, but considering the upside risk of WGC, it would be foolish to pass on if you have the risk tolerance, and risk capital to do so.

      ThePrudentInvestor needs to read up our investing style before he passes premature judgement. Then again, what do you expect from a guy who would suggest a rate of return of that of a local credit union checking account.


      • ThePrudentInvestor

        Oy vey! Lol. Why is it that any active manager always assumes indexing means putting everything in the S&P??? If that’s investing then remember that the prices of companies are at similar historical highs for you. If anything you just helped point out that current market valuations make the outrageous fee structure of hedge funds even more of a headwind than in the past. Smh. Love the attempt. Humor us more! :D. Silly rabbit.

        • rsinj

          I can appreciate both sides…however, you should review his site before throwing stones. His fees are 0% and 25% – he makes no money unless he generates profit. He could have $1 billion AUM and it means nothing unless he generates profit for the investors.

          Go review his website – you have to at least agree that he is transparent about his fund, what he’s doing, and the target investor.

          I’d put my money with him before one of the big names.

  • DP

    Oh my goodness. I hope this was slush money. I think my 11 y/o son can pick a better portfolio than this. Sorry for all the red ink here.

  • God has nothing to do with your bad choices. It is not His fault that you picked losers. He didn’t let you down. You let you down. If you decide to jump under the bus and it kills you, would you also blame Lord for your decision and that he let you do it?
    He is not picking your stocks. In fact, he doesn’t care what stocks you want or don’t. What you are showing here is a Prosperity Gospel (as taught by Joel Osteen), but it has nothing to do with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Where in the Bible you can find that God will help you to pick the right stocks? Or if you believe in God and do everything he says you will be blessed with money and riches? I can’t find a single verse promising this.

    You need to educate yourself a lot on investing. Get rid of the stocks, you have a few I would keep, but just like two only, and start over with high quality stocks. You can have a few high risk plays in energy sector for example, but not the entire portfolio.

    This can be fixed, but you will need to be able to trade options so you can be selling covered calls and puts against your positions to raise cash. If you want join our Facebook group and we can help you to get back on track: https://www.facebook.com/groups/putdividends/ but be ready for a hard work! And don’t blame the Lord, only you yourself is responsible.