WLB Is The Only Coal Stock Worth Buying (Guest Post From Forward View Consulting)

Hello Wisdom's Reward Readers,

I have the honor today of introducing you to Nathan Yates of Forward View Consulting. By his own testimony, Nathan is a dear brother who has received Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. He graduated with a Master's degree in Finance in 2013. Shortly thereafter, he seemed to go through one letdown after another until finally God led him to create his own firm.

Now, he runs a small startup firm doing investment research, as well as web and general business consulting. Currently, his investment research is available for sale through FactSet, Reuters, and Seeking Alpha. Performing investment research is his passion.

Nathan is a very hard working individual who is dedicated to excelling at his craft. I'm really impressed by his commitment to being the best he can be. It is with that level of commitment he has produced a research report on Westmoreland Coal (WLB) to share with Wisdom’s Reward readers.

One last thing to mention about Nathan, he does all of this from the confines of a wheelchair due to his having muscular dystrophy. He is truly an amazing and inspiring person!

Please join me in welcoming Nathan Yates as a guest of Wisdom’s Reward!

Best Regards,

Chris McKinney

Click here for full stock report on Westmoreland Coal (WLB)