Why We Ask For Your Email Address


So, you think it's weird that we ask for your email address before letting you download a free report, eh? Totally understandable. Thank you for the chance to explain.

There's nothing sinister going on. We aren't going to spam your inbox every single day, or sell a list of email addresses to anyone. The report, What Every Christian Investor Needs to Know, contains really important information that we want to get out to people. However, we also want to establish relationships with our readers. Web research shows that it is helpful to build long term relationships with website visitors through allowing them to comment on your site, thus building a sense of community. It also shows that it is helpful to build long term relationships through email communications such as updates and alerts. So, we want to build a relationship with you by sending you weekly updates and links of new articles and lessons that may be posted to the site.

We also want to make you aware of any special discounts that may be offered from time to time for our subscription based products.

Finally, we want Wisdom's Reward readers to become a community of investors that are passionate about using their investing dollars to affect positive change in the world. Therefore, we will keep you up to date on any activist issues we are pursuing to affect positive change, as well as provide information relevant to those interested in Impact Investing.

That's it for now. Sorry that we have one list for so many purposes, but we actually don't send out all that many emails as of right now. That may change in the future. Of course, unsubscribing is, and always will be, quick and easy.